Sunday, January 20, 2008

Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce Vital Records from Belz

I have been told that whatever might be available of the birth, death and marriage vital records of Belz Jewish families might be located at the The Central State Historical Archive in L’viv.

The vital records of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese are found in Fond 681, together with all documents pertaining to the Roman Catholic church. Opys 2 is the specific grouping of all vital records—the birth, marriage, and death record books kept by the church. Each bound book of records (called a metrical book, in Ukrainian метрична книга, metrychna knyha, in Polish etryczna książka) is a separate sprava and there are over 2,600 spravy. Some of these spravy contain over 200 arkushy or pages.

Vital records of the Greek Catholic Church are kept in Fond 201, Opys 4a. There are also well over 7,000 spravy or parish books in this collection. In 2001, the Family History Library has already microfilmed 35% of the Greek Catholic parish registers. (The most recent information on this collection of microfilms can be found in the East European Genealogical Society’s publication, East European Genealogist, Volume 9, Number 3).

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